Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pray, Vote, Pray

Posted this on Facebook last night . . .

"Our country is heavy on my heart tonight. While I whole-heartedly profess and confess Jesus as my Lord and Savior and do not call the earth or the USA my "true" home (can't wait for heaven!), I am so thankful for being an American and truly believe this is a special place and ALL of us who live here should want it that way. Why settle for being like everyone else when we should be striving for re
al greatness, the kind that is humble, yet strong, a beacon of hope and goodness in this pluralistic and self-serving world, and a destination for those who want the freedom to use their God-given talents to create great things, inspire others to do what is right, and live lives bent on serving and loving others before oneself. The ideals of our government, as written by our founding fathers, as imperfect a people then as we are now, and the freedoms and liberty they allow and protect, should drive this country, NOT a government bureaucracy that enslaves the people it tells it is doing them a favor. I share in Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream of a country where we are FINALLY judged NOT by the color of our skin or our gender, or our age, but BY THE CONTENT OF OUR CHARACTER.

Vote for America tomorrow if you have not already. This for me means I voted for Mitt Romney. But regardless of the outcome of the election tomorrow, it is really up to US, the people of this special place, to take some ownership of the mess we are in, love one another no matter shared beliefs, put on our working boots, and actually BE the America we want to be. Good night, and I humbly pray for God to continue His blessing on us."