Thursday, October 11, 2012

Becoming an IT Guru and a Dad too :)

I'm really on a roll with blog posting lately :) 

Lots of changes happening in the Page household recently.  First, I finished my first big IT certification process last month and am now an A+ Certified IT Technician!  This is a very broad knowledge base certification with testing on everything from laser printers to basic networking and operating system maintenance.  It's a great primer into the IT industry as a whole and a good starting point to grow in my IT knowledge.  Next up, Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) certification - hopefully by the end of the year.

What's next . . . pushing through my penultimate semester at Denver Seminary with both of my classes focusing on leadership.  Love the interaction in both classes thus far and am eagerly awaiting next semester when I will FINALLY (after 7 years and a degree change) be graduating!  I am extremely excited for what the future holds in my life as a leader, a teacher of leaders, and, most importantly, as a FOLLOWER of Christ.

One more thing . . . I'M A DADDY!  My wife and I are the proud and humble parents of one Abigail Claire Page, born September 22, 2012.  She is a beautiful little girl and truly a miracle here on earth.  Excited, a bit scared, but eager to raise her up the ways of the Lord and want to enjoy as many moments of her growth and life as we possibly can.